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Tennis Volley Challenge – Improve Your Reflexes At Net Tennis Volley Challenge – Improve Your Reflexes At Net. In this drill challenge , Simon and Alex of Top Tennis Training will face off against each other in a tennis volley point play based game. Both players start at the service line and one player feeds the ball in, the feed cannot be a lob or too hard (hit hard at the feet for example).

The point then starts, if the player misses the feed they lose the point Likewise if the receiver misses the first volley, they also lose the point.

You can hit anywhere in the singles half court area (tramlines are out) and can hit as hard as you want. This is a great game for reflex volleys and getting the ball low into your opponents feet. It’s also great for developing shorter swings on your volleys as you have very little time to take the racket back.

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Singles Serve and Volley Strategy – Tennis Lesson – Tactics for Serve and Volley

Believe it or not serve and volley is STILL a great tactic to use in your singles tennis matches! In this video I’ll be sharing my top few pointers for being successful, both for the serve and the volleys.

In this tennis lesson you’ll learn how to win more points using serve and volley during your singles play.

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Play Functional Tennis Not Perfect Tennis


Tennis Confidence: “Why Functional Tennis is better than Playing Perfect Tennis Stroke” Dr. Patrick Cohn, Tennis Psychology and Tennis Confidence Expert at, helps Tennis Players, Tennis Coaches and Tennis Parents Improve their Mental Game and Performance. In this Tennis Confidence Video Dr. Patrick Cohn Explains Why Functional Tennis is better than Playing Perfect Tennis Stroke. Boost your “Mental Game of Tennis” with Sports Psychology for Tournament Tennis Players and their Parents.

0:46 Trying to be too Perfect we also call that Perfectionism

1:00 Some Advantages and Some Disadvantages of being a Perfectionist

1:30 Problem with Perfectionism in Tennis

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How To Hit Perfect Slice Backhands In Tennis In 3 Simple Steps

How To Hit Perfect Slice Backhands In Tennis In 3 Simple Steps.

The slice backhand is one of the most simplest yet very often misunderstood shots in tennis. Go to any tennis club in the world and you’ll see the players who grew up using wooden rackets hitting slices as one of their main strokes.

The younger generations, however, have forgotten about this highly effective stroke and neglect to both practice and use in matches. In this video Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov will break down how to grasp the main fundamentals of the backhand slice so you can add this weapon to your tennis.

The reason we use a slice stroke can be:

1. To defend with when on the run
2. To attack shorter balls with
3. To mix up the speed and spins
4. To keep the ball low after the bounce, especially on lower bouncing surfaces such as grass or indoor carpet
5. To return with The reason the slice is so effective and can be used in so many different ways is due to the underspin on the ball, when the ball bounces on a slice shot in skids through the court and stays low, except for on clay where it tends to kick up more.

Here are the three steps to hitting great slice backhands in tennis:
1. A good unit turns as early as possible and moving to the ball sideways on.
2. Reaching a good power (back) position where the racket head is above the left shoulder and the non-hitting hand is holding the throat of the racket. The racket and arm have an “L” shape which will create great leverage later in the swing.
3. Making contact out in front of your body and having a good finish using the non hitting hand to balance the upper body and maintain that sideways on position.

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Grigor Dimitrov Backhand Analysis (No Racquet)

This is another video released in collaboration with so kudos to Jason Frausto for letting me use Grigor Dimitrov’s backhand clips for this analysis. I’ve again removed the racquet from the video which may help you see the stroke in a completely new perspective.

There are three situations where you may misinterpret the stroke if you focus too much on the racquet: the preparation, the lag and getting under the ball.

Please check the video and let me know in the comments below if this one-handed backhand technique analysis has helped you get a better mental image of how the stroke works.

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Tennis Racket Head Acceleration For High Consistency

I have a simple tennis tip for you today that may help you hit your forehands and backhands more cleanly and effortlessly.

One of the more common mistakes you may do is to accelerate the racket too late – meaning when it’s already quite close to the ball – and you accelerate it in a jerky manner. That causes you to mishit the ball and therefore not get good power out of your stringbed.

While you do have to accelerate the racket head quite fast when you want to hit a winner or impart tons of topspin, you really don’t have to do that when rallying from the baseline in a neutral rally and your goal is higher consistency. You’ll learn a very simple “roller coaster” concept that I feel when I hit from the baseline in practice sessions or sometimes even in neutral rallies during the match.

There are many elements of your stroke technique and tennis in general that you need to work in practice sessions and surely you don’t need to hit all those shots with maximum speed. You need a reliable shot hit effortlessly so that you don’t tire in a few minutes and have to pick up balls all the time.

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How To Hit Your Forehand On The Run Like Roger Federer

In this video I’m going to show you how Roger Federer defends so well and how he handles a forehand hit far away from him. The idea is to get the ball back to the opponent so they are made to hit another ball. Roger uses immense control by closing down the racquet face quickly and the buggy whip forehand to add extra topspin on the ball.


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TENNIS TIPS VOLLEY | Simple Tennis Volley Drill

A lot of players don’t have enough feel when they get up to the net on their volleys. Even some pros don’t have great touch at the net on their volleys.

I want you to use a simple tennis volley tip that I love having students use especially when they are warming up at the net. You can call it the Choke Up Touch Volley drill. You’re going to find a comfortable position about 2-3 feet from the net and you’re going to choked up so that your hand is holding the racquet where the grip meets the throat.

Choking up on the racquet will give you more feel and control and teach you how to to use your hand without your wrist breaking on your volleys. The next big key is to keep your feet moving the entire time. You want to feel like you’re dancing as you move while hitting volleys as well as in between shots. Practicing Hit the ball with a lot of feel towards your partner and focus on keeping the racquet head close to your head without the wrist breaking. Choking up on the racquet will help you keep the that “head close to the head.” Avoid trying to hit the volley hard or away from your partner.

This is a cooperation drill where you aren’t keeping score. Next time you ‘re looking for a tennis volley tip, use the Choke Up Touch Volley drill to instantly improve your feel and control.

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TENNIS FOREHAND | Topspin Forehand Consistency

Today video is all about topspin forehand consistency. Today you are going to learn how to create more shape on your forehand. You would see drill that you can do with another player, which will allow you to create more shape, topspin, and ultimately topspin forehand consistency. I really hope you would enjoy it.

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TENNIS FOOTWORK | How To Approach The Net

Get ready for some premium content in today’s video!

We’re going to teach you how to create more shape on your forehand for more topspin and consistency.

This video doesn’t even need much explanation; it’s all drill, and you can watch how the magic works here. Watch Jeff coach a student on how to get a perfect forehand on this one-on-one drill, with the right footwork, rhythm, and stances. Work on this with a fellow player, so you can both improve and get that killer forehand!


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