How To Hit Perfect Slice Backhands In Tennis In 3 Simple Steps

How To Hit Perfect Slice Backhands In Tennis In 3 Simple Steps

How To Hit Perfect Slice Backhands In Tennis In 3 Simple Steps.

The slice backhand is one of the most simplest yet very often misunderstood shots in tennis. Go to any tennis club in the world and you’ll see the players who grew up using wooden rackets hitting slices as one of their main strokes.

The younger generations, however, have forgotten about this highly effective stroke and neglect to both practice and use in matches. In this video Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov will break down how to grasp the main fundamentals of the backhand slice so you can add this weapon to your tennis.

The reason we use a slice stroke can be:

1. To defend with when on the run
2. To attack shorter balls with
3. To mix up the speed and spins
4. To keep the ball low after the bounce, especially on lower bouncing surfaces such as grass or indoor carpet
5. To return with The reason the slice is so effective and can be used in so many different ways is due to the underspin on the ball, when the ball bounces on a slice shot in skids through the court and stays low, except for on clay where it tends to kick up more.

Here are the three steps to hitting great slice backhands in tennis:
1. A good unit turns as early as possible and moving to the ball sideways on.
2. Reaching a good power (back) position where the racket head is above the left shoulder and the non-hitting hand is holding the throat of the racket. The racket and arm have an “L” shape which will create great leverage later in the swing.
3. Making contact out in front of your body and having a good finish using the non hitting hand to balance the upper body and maintain that sideways on position.

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