Tennis Racket Head Acceleration For High Consistency

Tennis Racket Head Acceleration For High Consistency

I have a simple tennis tip for you today that may help you hit your forehands and backhands more cleanly and effortlessly.

One of the more common mistakes you may do is to accelerate the racket too late – meaning when it’s already quite close to the ball – and you accelerate it in a jerky manner. That causes you to mishit the ball and therefore not get good power out of your stringbed.

While you do have to accelerate the racket head quite fast when you want to hit a winner or impart tons of topspin, you really don’t have to do that when rallying from the baseline in a neutral rally and your goal is higher consistency. You’ll learn a very simple “roller coaster” concept that I feel when I hit from the baseline in practice sessions or sometimes even in neutral rallies during the match.

There are many elements of your stroke technique and tennis in general that you need to work in practice sessions and surely you don’t need to hit all those shots with maximum speed. You need a reliable shot hit effortlessly so that you don’t tire in a few minutes and have to pick up balls all the time.

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