ULTIMATE Forehand Tennis Lesson

ULTIMATE Forehand Tennis Lesson

You’re about to watch a forehand transformation. A recent student of ours came in as a strong 4.5 player, looking to reach the next level in his game.

The Problem

His forehand was already his biggest shot, but like so many tennis players it was also a liability. He’d commonly hit two or three great shots in a row but then blow it with an unforced error. To take his game to the next level he knew he needed additional offense AND higher consistency at the same time….and that’s where we came in. Progression by progression we built his awareness, understanding, and ability to execute a fundamentally different type of swing. Less linear. More circular. Up until a year and a half ago he was hitting with old, classic strokes.

Full continental forehand. He also had an old, antiquated understanding of how heavy topspin shots are actually hit. Those things changed and you’re about to see how. This video gives a direct look at our instructional process.

The Solution

Focus, awareness, purpose, and systematic progressions are all cornerstones in what we do both on the court and in our digital coaching programs. The whole Essential Tennis team was thrilled to spend two days on the court with a player who shared our passion for the improvement process and even more excited to watch him quickly progress.


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