How To Hit A Slice Backhand

How To Hit A Slice Backhand

How To Hit A Slice Backhand In Tennis – 3 Instant Tips. In this video Top Tennis Training coaches Simon Konov and Alex Slabinsky will share a few instant tennis tips with you for the tennis slice backhand.

The slice is a shot that causes many problems for a lot of tennis players around the world and in this video you will learn three tennis tips that will help you transform your backhand slice.

Common problems

1- Common problem number one is players having the racket face facing the net at contact. This would work great if you are trying to drive the backhand with topspin but doesn’t work so well when you want to cut the ball and impart slice to the shot. In order to correct this error, we need to open the strings up to the sky slightly so we can cut under the ball and add the backspin which will keep the ball low after the bounce.

2- Common problem number two is players losing control of the racket head during the contact point. Sometimes this is due to players flicking their wrist, losing control of the shot. To correct this we simply need to keep the racket and arm in and “L” shape. By maintaining this 90 degree angle we will stay solid through the contact point and this will give us extra control on the shot.

This video is brought to you by Top Tennis Training coaches Simon and Alex. Alex Slabinsky is a former ATP Pro and competed in multiple Grand Slams, was British #4 and is now an LTA Level 5 Master Performance Coach. Simon Konov is a former ITF player and has wins over ATP Pros. He has been coaching for over 10 years and has worked with players of all abilities but has a great record in producing top level junior players. He is an LTA level 4 Senior Performance coach and an RPT National Professional.

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